Helen is a professionally trained dancer and aerialist.  After gaining her degree from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance she moved to London to pursue a career in aerial acrobatics.   In 2001 she travelled to Montreal when she was selected to work for world-renowned Cirque Du Soleil.  Whilst touring worldwide for 10 years with the company Pilates quickly became an essential part of maintaining her physically demanding routine.  

After retiring from Cirque Du Soleil Helen completed her Stott Pilates qualifications and began her career in teaching.  She now works with a broad range of clients, and particularly enjoys using her knowledge of high level performance to help clients increase their athletic potential.

In 2014 at the peak of fitness, Helen suffered a rare allergic reaction which resulted in heart failure and critical open heart surgery.  Helen sustained major chest injuries and one year later she had a second operation to rewire her breast bone back together. During her recovery and rehab she used her years of training and her pilates knowledge to stay positive and rebuild her body.   Now her heart has fully recovered and thanks to pilates she has regained full mobility and continues to further strengthen her body back to athletic fitness.

Helen’s experience as a professional aerialist, along with her own rehabilitation and keen interest in physiology, strongly influence her approach to Pilates instruction. Her goal is to help people get the most out of their body, whether they are training as an athlete, rehabilitating from injury or wishing to improve their overall physical wellbeing. She feels everyone should be as mobile and pain free as their body can be.